A New Direction for Hong Kong
Policy Address

International Financial Hub

21.       In parallel with these 10 major infrastructure projects, we will reinforce our position as a global financial centre to help the economy power ahead. The financial sector is an important pillar supporting our economic development. We need sustained improvements to further consolidate Hong Kong's status as an international financial hub. Our country's rapid development and the opening up of its financial sector have presented unprecedented opportunities for Hong Kong's financial services sector. We will continue to promote integration of the financial systems of Hong Kong and the Mainland through complementary development, mutual co-operation and interaction. We are confident that with the strong support of the Central Government, Hong Kong's financial market will be more vibrant. It will become a broader and deeper market, further strengthening our position as a global financial centre.

A Consolidated and Diversified Financial Market

22.       We will actively facilitate Mainland enterprises and investors to participate in Hong Kong's stock market through the Qualified Domestic Institutional Investors Scheme and the pilot scheme for Mainland individuals to invest directly in securities in Hong Kong. We will also upgrade our market infrastructure, promote financial intermediation, encourage financial reform and launch new financial products to attract more overseas enterprises to list in Hong Kong.