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Policy Address

Rehabilitation Services

Persons with Disabilities

102.       Our rehabilitation policy aims to provide various rehabilitation services to support persons with disabilities, their families and carers, so that they can live happily and harmoniously in the community.

103.       We have set up 16 District Support Centres since January 2009 to provide one-stop community support services for persons with disabilities who live at home, and for their families.

104.       Increasing subvented residential care places aside, we will continue to assist non-governmental organisations in developing self-financing residential care homes, and introduce a pilot Bought Place Scheme for residential care homes for persons with disabilities.  Through these measures, we aim to shorten the waiting time and encourage the market to develop more service options for persons with disabilities.  We will introduce a bill into the Legislative Council to set up a licensing scheme to raise the service quality of residential care homes to prescribed levels. Moreover, we will provide additional places for day training and vocational rehabilitation services to enhance the employability of persons with disabilities.  We will also provide additional places for pre-school rehabilitation services for children with disabilities.

105.       In light of the ageing profile of residents in subvented residential care homes for the mentally handicapped, we will strengthen physiotherapy, nursing care and other support services for them to maintain their physical abilities and health.




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