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Policy Address

National Education

116.       To celebrate the 60th Anniversary of the Founding of the People's Republic of China, we organised a variety of celebratory and education activities for Hong Kong people to share the joy and better understand our country's latest developments.

117.       The Government spares no effort in promoting national education, which is a long-term mission. We will strengthen the elements on China in various key learning areas under the primary and secondary curricula. We will also organise Mainland exchange activities for students as part of the national education programme. By aligning experiential learning with curriculum objectives and content, we hope to deepen national education.

118.       Last year, we devoted additional resources to national education, and have since rolled out various initiatives. Championed by the Government, the national education platform “Passing on the Torch” was established early this year. In this school year, the Government will subsidise 37 000 students to join various Mainland exchange programmes. Through this platform, we establish close co-operation with voluntary groups. We have co-ordinated 45 exchange activities organised by NGOs, benefiting over 20 000 students. Also, we have included national education as one of the priority themes for the Quality Education Fund. In 2009, the Fund approved various activities, including projects to enhance learning effectiveness in national education and study tours to the Mainland.




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