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Policy Address

The Age of Co-operation

125.       For the six industries to flourish, the Government cannot take on the task alone. We must engage the public and the industries. We should keep our policy discussions highly transparent. We also need to dispel the misconception that collaboration between the Government and the business sector is cronyism in disguise. With the Government, the business sector and the public at large co-operating with one another wholeheartedly, the six industries stand a better chance of success.

Our Competitive Edge

126.      Economic integration with the PRD region is the direction for Hong Kong. Some worry that in this process, Hong Kong will lose its uniqueness. Some are concerned that Hong Kong may be marginalised with the rapid rise of Mainland cities and the ensuing competition. To dispel such worries, we must recognise Hong Kong's unique competitive edges. We have the rule of law, the free flow of information and good international networks. “One Country, Two Systems” allows us to give full play to these strengths. We also have a respected brand in the name of “Hong Kong”. It stands for professional standards, creative and innovative enterprises, and responsiveness to change. Such “soft powers” are Hong Kong's intangible assets and are vital for a knowledge-based economy. With these, we fear no competition.




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