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Policy Address

Clean Development Mechanism Projects

38.        The United Nations has devised the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) to encourage technology transfer and help countries reduce greenhouse gas emissions. At present about one-third of all CDM projects are being carried out in the Mainland, involving substantial capital and major technology transfer. The Government has recently succeeded in securing approval for eligible Hong Kong enterprises to participate in CDM projects in the Mainland. Energy efficiency projects and the development of new or renewable energy are areas where green business opportunities are open to Hong Kong enterprises.

Clean Development Mechanism Projects

39.        The Government is committed to promoting green procurement. This can protect the environment and set a role model for the business sector, lending momentum to the development of environmental industries in Hong Kong. To improve air quality, when procuring government vehicles, the Government will give preference to models which comply with environmental and efficiency standards, and has taken the lead with the procurement of 10 electric vehicles this year. Furthermore, the Government is gradually replacing the conventional traffic signals with light-emitting diode (LED) traffic signals. With regard to stores procurement, the Government has been expanding its green procurement list. At present, we have developed green specifications for some 60 products commonly used by government departments, and will actively apply them in procurement procedures. We will also further devise green procurement guidelines for government departments in order to promote the green procurement policy.




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