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Policy Address

Regional Co-operation

Co-operation with Guangdong

Developing the PRD Market

44.        The Government's strategy for promoting the six industries is to seize the opportunities arising from our co-operation with Guangdong and align our efforts with measures already introduced to get immediate results. The Outline elevates co-operation between Hong Kong and Guangdong on all fronts to a national strategic level, and provides for the early and pilot implementation of various measures in Guangdong. Therefore, tremendous opportunities are now available in the PRD market for the six industries. Since my pledge in April to explore these industries, the Government and the trades concerned have capitalised on the opportunities by actively taking forward their development in the PRD. In just a few months, our efforts have begun to yield results, particularly in the areas of education and medical services.

45.        In the past 30 years, Hong Kong has fully participated in the reform and opening up of the Mainland and the industrialisation process, and we ourselves have transformed from a manufacturing base into a service-oriented economy. In the next 30 years, development of service industries will be critical for the Mainland economy. This sets a clear direction for Hong Kong in the PRD region.

46.        The National 11th Five-Year Plan states that “support will be given to Hong Kong in the development of its service industries such as financial services, logistics, tourism and information services, and the maintenance of Hong Kong's status as an international centre of financial services, trade and shipping”. Hong Kong, Guangdong and Macao have enhanced mutual co-operation in various key areas. By leveraging the framework and platform provided by the Outline and our own strengths, Hong Kong will be able to contribute to a better industrial structure within the region. In so doing, our service industries can tap a huge market.




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