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Policy Address

C. Quality Life

Progressive Development

51.        The concept of “Progressive Development” is part of my election platform. In the current era, economic development goes hand-in-hand with cultural and environmental conservation. To support a knowledge-based economy, we must have a rich pool of talent. Only by providing a diverse and dynamic cultural life and a quality living environment can we attract talent from around the world to build a career in Hong Kong.

Beautifying the Harbourfront

52.        Hong Kong's image as a vibrant and colourful city owes much to Victoria Harbour. In last year's Policy Address, I highlighted the need to beautify the harbourfront. The Development Bureau (DEVB) has since set up a Harbour Unit to co-ordinate and plan harbourfront enhancement initiatives. The unit also works with the Harbourfront Enhancement Committee to forge a consensus within the community on the future of the harbourfront. The committee submitted a detailed proposal in August this year, setting out beautification options for 22 action areas on both sides of the harbour. These options have incorporated the views of local residents and are consistent with what the Harbour Business Forum advocates. On the basis of the proposal, the DEVB will co-ordinate the efforts of concerned bureaux and departments to gradually take forward the harbourfront beautification measures.




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