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Tree Management

60.        Last June, the Task Force led by the Chief Secretary for Administration put forward a number of recommendations on greening and tree management. The DEVB will set up two new offices, namely, the Greening and Landscape Office and the Tree Management Office, to co-ordinate our efforts in this area. Departments concerned will improve tree risk assessment arrangements, step up training, and promote community involvement and public education. This integrated approach can help us build a green living environment for Hong Kong people, and ensure their safety.

Quality Living Area

61.         Last year, I proposed that we should work with Guangdong to create a green and quality living area in the Greater PRD region. Warmly supported by the Central Authorities and the Guangdong Provincial Government, the proposal has been included in the Outline as a key development strategy. We will seek to incorporate this strategy into the National 12th Five-Year Plan. The governments of Hong Kong and Guangdong signed an agreement on environmental co-operation in August this year. Under the agreement, both governments will work together to formulate emission reduction proposals for 2010 onwards. Both sides will also explore a new mode of co-operation in using reusable materials.




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