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Anti-Drug Policy

83.       Recognising the urgency of the juvenile drug abuse problem, I have mobilised the community to campaign against drug abuse. We should all do our best to nurture and support our young people. The positive response from the public is encouraging. The Home Affairs Department has spearheaded youth anti-drug abuse community programmes in the 18 districts to mobilise stakeholders to cultivate positive values among youngsters who are at risk, or who have fallen prey to drugs. We will arrange for mentors to provide guidance to these young people.

84.       We should strive to foster a drug-free campus culture and strengthen the resolve of the vast majority of students to stay away from drugs. We should act fast to help those students with a drug problem to quit drugs. To achieve these aims, we will launch the Trial Scheme on School Drug Testing in Tai Po later this year. I am grateful to various sectors of the community for their support. They have discussed the scheme seriously and put forward valuable suggestions to improve it. We will review the trial scheme in due course and consider implementing drug testing more generally in schools.




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