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Policy Address

Youth Development

91.       The family plays a pivotal role in the healthy development of young people. Through the joint efforts of the Family Council and the Commission on Youth, the Government will help our young people to strengthen their body and mind to prepare for the challenges ahead. We will help them cultivate a positive approach to life and fulfill civic duties. The Commission on Youth and other youth organisations will strengthen moral education for young people and help them realise their full potential through arts, cultural, sports and recreational activities. We will also give greater support to youth uniformed groups.

Internet Learning

92.       In the digital age, our younger generation increasingly uses the Internet and electronic tools in their learning activities. To mitigate the impact of the digital divide on the quality of learning, the Financial Secretary will co-ordinate the efforts of relevant bureaux to examine, through tripartite collaboration between the community, business sector and the Government, options to provide convenient and suitable Internet learning opportunities for students in need.




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