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Policy Address

Elderly Services

96.       There is no place like home. That is why most elderly people prefer ageing at home. They need care from family members and support from neighbours. It is our policy to encourage elderly people to age in place.

Residential Care Services

97.       For those elderly people who cannot live at home because of health or family problems, residential care is important. We know that our ageing population will create greater demand for subsidised residential care places, in particular those with nursing care. The Government will adopt a novel multi-pronged approach to speed up the provision of subsidised residential care places that provide nursing or continuous care. The new initiatives include:

(1) Increasing from 50% to 90% the proportion of nursing home places in existing subsidised contract residential care homes for the elderly;

(2) Purchasing, for the first time, vacant places from self-financing nursing homes and care and attention homes; and

(3) Making full use of the space in existing subsidised elderly homes to provide more places that offer continuous care.




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