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103.     Our tourism industry has performed impressively this year.  In the first eight months, visitor arrivals topped 23 million.  However, several incidents concerning unscrupulous practices relating to Mainland tour groups came to light this year.  The malpractice of a few has tarnished the reputation of our tourism industry.  The Government is determined to step up regulation.  I have asked the Secretary for Commerce and Economic Development to review the operation and regulatory framework of the entire tourism sector, including the role, powers, responsibilities and operation of the Travel Industry Council of Hong Kong, as well as its working relationship with the Travel Agents Registry.  Our aim is to promote the healthy and sustainable development of the tourism industry.


104.     To support the logistics sector's switch to high-value goods and services, we are gradually making available long-term sites for the sector to develop a logistics cluster.  As a start, a site in Tsing Yi was put up for open tender last month.  In parallel, we will continue to provide suitable sites for port back-up uses to facilitate efficient port operations.  We will continue to consolidate Hong Kong's position as an international maritime centre, reinforce the maritime service cluster, strengthen the training of human resources and promote our quality and comprehensive maritime services both locally and abroad.

105.     On air transport, the Airport Authority is implementing a midfield expansion project to provide additional aircraft stands and apron facilities and a new passenger concourse.  Phase 1 works are expected to begin in the third quarter of next year for completion in mid-2015.  In addition, the new air cargo terminal project is expected to be completed in early 2013.  This project will increase the airport's cargo handling capacity by 50%.  We expect more competition in the industry upon completion of this new terminal, which will help enhance the airport's competitiveness.

Professional Services

106.     We have been promoting access of local professional services to the Mainland market through CEPA.  For example, we encourage mutual recognition of professional qualifications, seeking the opening up of Mainland's professional qualification examinations to eligible Hong Kong residents, and facilitate Hong Kong professionals with relevant qualifications to register and practise in the Mainland.  Supplement VII to CEPA signed this year further liberalises the Mainland market for our medical services and construction-related professional services.  We will maintain close contact with the Mainland to enhance the effective implementation of CEPA.






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