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Policy Address

D. Quality Life

Environmental Protection

Combating Climate Change

111.     Combating climate change, emission reduction and low carbon are now a worldwide consensus.  Our emission reduction strategy emphasises the wider use of cleaner and low-carbon energies and fuels in power generation.  Specifically, we propose optimising the fuel mix for power generation, significantly reducing our reliance on fossil fuels, phasing out existing coal-fired generation units, and increasing the use of non-fossil, cleaner and low-carbon fuels, including renewable energy and imported nuclear energy.  We propose that by 2020, natural gas should account for about 40% of our fuel mix for power generation, coal no more than 10%, renewable energy about 3-4%, and the balance of about 50% by imported nuclear energy.  Furthermore, we will endeavour to enhance energy efficiency, promote green building, advocate electricity saving, facilitate low-carbon transport and develop facilities to turn waste into energy.

112.     By implementing this strategy, we expect the carbon intensity in Hong Kong to be reduced by 50-60% by 2020, compared with the 2005 level.  Greenhouse gas emissions will decrease by 19-33% compared with 2005.  Emissions per capita will also be lowered from 6.2 tonnes to 3.6-4.5 tonnes, far lower than the levels of the United States, the European Union and Japan.

Air Quality

113.     Air quality in Hong Kong is improving gradually. Last year, the ambient air concentrations of such major pollutants as sulphur dioxide, suspended particulates and nitrogen dioxide dropped by 36%, 15% and 4% respectively compared with 2005.  However, for roadside air pollution, the concentration of nitrogen dioxide is still on the high side.  We will implement the following improvement measures.




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