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Policy Address

Nature Conservation

122.     Hong Kong boasts over 40 000 hectares of land of scenic beauty.  However, the recent Tai Long Sai Wan incident has highlighted the need to take prompt action to regulate land use in the vicinity of country parks to forestall human damage.

123.      We have prepared draft Development Permission Area plans for Sai Wan, Hoi Ha, Pak Lap and So Lo Pun.  There remains 50 sites adjacent to country parks but not yet covered by statutory plans.  To meet conservation and social development needs, we will either include them into country parks, or determine their proper uses through statutory planning.  We will start work as soon as possible.

Environment and Conservation Fund

124.     In 2008, the Government injected $1 billion into the Environment and Conservation Fund (ECF) to expand its scope with a view to encouraging more organisations to undertake conservation research and technology demonstration projects.  We have earmarked $500 million for injection into the ECF as necessary.





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