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Policy Address

E. Social Stability

Investment in Education

134.     The Government attaches great importance to education.  Education is the largest single expenditure item in our budget, representing over 20% of total government recurrent expenditure.  We will continue to allocate resources to provide quality and diversified education for our people and nurture talent for the community.

Multiple Study Pathways

135.     We provide multiple and flexible pathways for our young people.  Degree programmes organised by 13 institutions aside, many local post-secondary institutions offer sub-degree programmes covering various disciplines.  Youngsters have many other options in continuing education and vocational training.

136.     We will step up efforts to diversify our post-secondary education.  We propose to set up a fund with a total commitment of $2.5 billion for the development of self-financing post-secondary education. The fund will offer scholarships to students of self-financing post-secondary programmes, and support institutions to enhance the quality of teaching and learning.





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