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Policy Address

Family Harmony

145.     Last year, the Family Council conducted a series of studies on social problems.  It concluded that, to tackle these problems, we have to start from the family and adopt a multi-pronged approach.  The Family Council will organise a series of family education activities, and continue to actively mobilise all sectors of the community through the “Happy Family Campaign” and “Happy Family Info Hub” to jointly promote family core values and foster an environment conducive to harmonious family relationships.  It will launch a “Family Friendly Company Award Scheme” to recognise family friendly companies, with a view to encouraging the business sector to promote family core values.

Social Enterprises

146.     There are more than 300 social enterprises in Hong Kong.  To rally community support and help social enterprises sustain their development, the Government will launch a “Be a Friend to Social Enterprise” campaign.  Private enterprises will be encouraged to assist social enterprises in different ways, such as subsidies, consultancy services and partnership.  We will introduce training programmes to nurture young social entrepreneurs.  We will organise Social Enterprise Fairs to raise community awareness about social enterprises and promote socially responsible consumption.

Enhanced Protection of Personal Data

147.     The transfer of customers' personal data by some enterprises for use in direct marketing has aroused community concern.  The Privacy Commissioner for Personal Data has investigated the cases and will issue a new guidance note on relevant issues.  Moreover, we propose that more specific requirements should be laid down in the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance, and will put forward legislative proposals for public discussion shortly.  We will consider carefully the impact of the legislative proposals on the relevant sectors.





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