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Policy Address

National Education

158.     It is our established policy to promote national education.  We will collaborate further with the Committee on the Promotion of Civic Education, District Councils, community organisations, national education organisations and youth organisations. We will organise more Mainland exchange programmes, study tours and volunteer activities so that Hong Kong people, especially the younger generation, may gain a deep understanding of our country, develop a stronger sense of national identity, and recognise the common origin and close bonds between Mainland and Hong Kong people.  For example, with Shanghai hosting World Expo 2010, we have organised and sponsored study tours and a volunteer team for our young people to attend this mega event.  We will also provide volunteer services for the Asian Games in Guangzhou this year and the Universiade in Shenzhen next year to encourage Hong Kong people's participation in international events and strengthen their ties with our country.

159.     We will increase opportunities for students to participate in Mainland learning and exchange activities.  Our target is to subsidise every primary and secondary school student to join at least one Mainland exchange programme.  We will organise more exchange activities together with voluntary groups through the “Passing on the Torch” programme, providing some 4 000 additional places a year.  We expect to achieve this by the 2015-16 school year.  To better equip our teachers, we will provide additional resources for student teachers to participate in relevant professional study courses in the Mainland.





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