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Policy Address

167.     In 2005, as Chief Executive, I raised the concept of “Strong Governance for the People” as the vision of my administration.  I pledged that the Government would be decisive in policy making, vigorous in action and directed by clear objectives.  Strong governance cannot be achieved behind closed doors; it has to be based on public opinions.  When government policy differs from mainstream thinking, we must listen attentively to comments and criticisms, and make timely adjustments to avoid departing from the people's views.  In handling issues such as the WKCD development and healthcare financing, we did adjust our approach in light of public opinion.  This is pragmatism at work.

168.     I have always believed that Hong Kong people are rational, and that rationality is the foundation of social stability.  I believe that every sector of our society can tackle problems rationally and contribute to social progress, democratic development and economic prosperity.

169.     The constitutional reform package was passed last June.  This marked the beginning of the journey towards our common goal of universal suffrage.  We will complete the necessary legislative procedures and devise fair, open and impartial election methods.





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