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Policy Address

Urban Regeneration Strategy

35.       Urban renewal plays an important part in improving people's living environment.  Urban regeneration is a key topic straddling a number of policy areas, including planning, land, housing, heritage conservation and social development.  Public aspirations for urban renewal have also been evolving with changes in social values.  With the two-year Urban Renewal Strategy Review, a consensus has been reached on most issues, taking into account the concerns of different stakeholders.  On this foundation, we have revised our urban renewal strategy and will consult the public in the coming two months.

36.       The new strategy is based on the core values of people orientation, public engagement and respect for local characteristics.  It encourages government departments, public and private organisations, all sectors of the community and the URA to join hands to regenerate our urban areas.

37.       We will set up District Urban Renewal Forums to collect views from professionals and local residents to formulate a blueprint for sustainable urban renewal.  The first pilot forum will be set up in Kowloon City.  Another emphasis of the new strategy is to establish rehabilitation and redevelopment as the URA's core business areas in future.  The URA will serve as an “implementer” or “facilitator” in future redevelopment projects.





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