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Building Management

45.       To help owners and owners' corporations (OCs) better understand their rights and responsibilities, we will embark on a series of initiatives including establishing a panel of advisors to provide owners involved in building management disputes with impartial and authoritative advice, organising training for office-bearers of OCs, and putting in place a platform for owners to share experience, thus promoting mutual help.

46.       We are particularly concerned that some owners of properties in old buildings are willing but unable to manage and maintain their buildings, which have fallen into disrepair.  We will work with the property management sector to establish a task group to strengthen our support for these property owners.

47.       We will consider amending the law to ensure that buildings will not become a threat to the safety of occupants or other members of the public as a result of poor management, and to effectively require the owners or OCs concerned to hire property management companies if necessary.





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