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Policy Address

Ageing Population

65.   As post-War “baby-boomers” approach retirement age, our population aged 65 or above is expected to surge from about 900 000 at present to 2.1 million by 2030.  This increase will be equal to 90% of the net increase in total population over the same period.  The rapidly ageing population will bring challenges to our elderly services.  We must get prepared.

Old Age Allowance

66.       Many people suggest that the permissible limit of absence from Hong Kong for the Old Age Allowance (OAA) should be relaxed so that elderly people can enjoy greater flexibility in taking up residence, travelling or visiting relatives in the Mainland.  After careful consideration, we propose to substantially relax the limit of absence from Hong Kong for the OAA from the present 240 days to 305 days a year, thus enabling elderly recipients to receive a full-year allowance as long as they have resided in Hong Kong for 60 days a year.  The new arrangement will also apply to the Disability Allowance.

67.       There are also views that all restrictions on absence from Hong Kong both before application and after approval should be removed.  As a judicial review of the existing policy is underway, we will consider the way forward when the situation becomes clear.





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