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Policy Address

Elderly Healthcare Voucher Pilot Scheme

73.       The Government launched the three-year Elderly Healthcare Voucher Pilot Scheme last year to subsidise elderly people aged 70 or above to use private primary care services.  An interim review is now underway, and is expected to be completed by the end of this year.  We will earmark $1 billion to extend or enhance the pilot scheme having regard to review findings.

Overall Strategy

74.       In the short to medium term, we will increase the supply of various subsidised elderly care services to cope with a surging elderly population.  In addition, we are jointly examining with the Elderly Commission how new thinking may be applied to map out the service and financing modes for elderly care in the future, including ways to enhance support for elderly people to age at home.  In the long term, we need to study from the perspective of regional integration ways to assist elderly people who wish to retire in the Mainland.





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