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Mental Health Services

86.       Last year, I proposed to set up district-based Integrated Community Centres for Mental Wellness across the territory.  This new mode of service delivery has been implemented in all 18 districts, providing integrated services ranging from prevention to crisis management.  We will strengthen the manpower of these centres to handle more cases.  Furthermore, we will enhance our psychiatric medical social services to provide assistance to people with mental health problems. 

87.       Among these centres, only one has secured permanent accommodation while the others are currently providing services at temporary accommodation.  I call upon district leaders and residents to show more understanding and support so that the service operators can secure permanent accommodation.

88.       The Hospital Authority will roll out its case management programme in five more districts in the coming year to provide intensive community support for patients with severe mental illness.  Separately, the Hospital Authority will expand the Integrated Mental Health Programme for patients with common mental disorders to cover all clusters.  The Early Assessment and Detection of Young Persons with Psychosis Programme will be expanded to cover adults.  The Hospital Authority will gradually strengthen its geriatric outreach services in the next three years, covering about 80 more residential care homes for the elderly next year.

89.       To improve treatment outcome, the Hospital Authority will use more new psychiatric drugs with proven effectiveness and fewer side effects.






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