2014 Policy Address Support the Needy Let Youth Flourish Unleash Hong Kong's Potential
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Policy Address

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I. Introduction 1-9
II. Economy 10-45
  Financial Services 16-17
  Trade 18-21
  Tourism 22-24
  Professional Services 25-26
  Logistics Industry 27
  High Value-added Maritime Services 28-30
  Dispute Resolution Services 31
  Creative Industries 32
  Intellectual Property 33
  Innovation and Technology Industries 34-37
  Lantau Island 38-42
  Enhancing Co-operation with the Pearl River Delta 43
  Agriculture and Fisheries 44-45
III. Poverty Alleviation, Care for the Elderly and Support for the Disadvantaged 46-89
  Poverty Alleviation 46-62
    Low-income Working Family Allowance 49-56
    Community Care Fund 57-58
    Improving the Comprehensive Social Security Assistance Scheme 59-60
    Retirement Protection 61
    Social Innovation 62
  Care for the Elderly 63-73
    Elderly Services Programme Plan 63
    Ageing in Place 64-65
    Institutional Care 66-68
    Financial Support 69-70
    Healthcare Services 71-72
    Active Ageing 73
  Support for the Disadvantaged 74-82
    Ethnic Minorities 74-79
    Persons with Disabilities 80-81
    Students with Special Educational Needs 82
  Social Welfare Planning 83-86
    Implementing the Special Scheme on Privately Owned Sites for Welfare Uses 83
    Enhancing the Lump Sum Grant Subvention System 84
    Human Resources in Care Services 85
    One-stop Service for Processing Applications for Welfare Benefits 86
  Occupational Safety 87
  Women 88-89
IV. Nurture the Next Generation 90-117
  Education 92-100
    Early Childhood Education 92
    Learning Support for Grassroots Students 93-94
    Enhancing Self-learning Ability through Information Technology 95
    Increasing the Funding for Higher Education 96-97
    Other Measures 98-100
  Employment 101-108
    Reviewing Vocational Education 101-104
    Strengthening Life Planning 105
    Integrating Vocational Education with Employment Support 106-107
    Qualifications Framework 108
  Whole-person Development 109-117
    After-school Learning and Support 110
    Engaging the Community 111-112
    Youth Hostels 113
    Uniformed Groups 114-115
    Broadening Horizons 116-117
V. Land, Housing and Transport 118-155
  Land Supply 118-120
  Land Supply in the Short to Medium Term 121-129
    Streamlining Procedures and Enhancing the Mechanism 121
    Increasing Development Intensity as Appropriate and Reducing Development Restrictions in Some Areas 122-123
    Land Use Review 124-125
    Developing the North East New Territories and Hung Shui Kiu 126-127
    Extension of the Tung Chung New Town 128
    Review of Deserted Agricultural Land in North District and Yuen Long 129
  Sites for Industrial and Commercial Developments 130-134
    Kowloon East 130-131
    Kai Tak Development 132
    Central and Wan Chai 133
    Revitalising Industrial Buildings 134
  Long-term Land Supply 135-138
  Housing 139-145
    Long Term Housing Strategy 141-144
    Railway Property Development 145
  Urban Renewal and Building Safety 146-148
    Urban Renewal 146
    Building Safety 147-148
  Development of the Construction Industry 149
  Transport 150-155
VI. Environmental Protection and Conservation 156-172
  Air Quality 157-159
  Waste Management 160-168
    Recycling Industry 163
    Organic Waste and Food Waste 164
    Community Green Station Network 165
    Restored Landfill Revitalisation Funding Scheme 166
    Waste Treatment Facilities 167
    Alleviating the Pressure on Landfills 168
  Water Quality of Victoria Harbour 169
  Green Building 170
  Historic Buildings and Nature Conservation 171-172
VII. Healthcare 173-179
VIII. Culture, Leisure and Municipal Services 180-186
  Culture and Sport 180-185
  Municipal Services 186
IX. Constitution and Administration 187-191
    Constitutional Development 187
    District Administration 188-189
    Upholding the Core Values 190
    The Civil Service 191
X. Conclusion 192-198
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