2015 Policy Address, Uphold the Rule of Law, Seize the Opportunities, Make the Right Choices, Pursue Democracy, Boost the Economy, Improve People's Livelihood
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Policy Address

VIII. Environmental Protection and Conservation

161.     In the past two years, the Government formulated several blueprints for environmental protection and launched a number of important measures.  This year, we will keep on monitoring the situation closely to ensure the effectiveness of our efforts.

Air Quality

162.     Air quality monitoring results from 2010 to 2014 reflect a continuous improvement in Hong Kong's overall air quality.  The annual average concentrations of sulphur dioxide, nitrogen dioxide and respirable suspended particulates decreased by 8%, 6% and 4% respectively.  The concentration of ozone increased by 18% during the same period, mainly due to regional changes.  Our air quality is expected to further improve.

163.     The Government will introduce new legislation to require ocean-going vessels at berth in Hong Kong to switch to low-sulphur diesel.  We will set up low emission zones in Causeway Bay, Central and Mong Kok at the end of this year where franchised bus companies can only deploy low-emission buses.  In addition, franchised bus companies will try out single-deck electric buses in mid-2015.

164.     We are working with the Guangdong authorities to explore the feasibility of requiring ocean-going vessels berthing at the ports in Pearl River Delta to switch to cleaner fuel.  We also plan to allocate $150 million to extend the Cleaner Production Partnership Programme to encourage Hong Kong-owned factories in Guangdong to adopt cleaner production technologies.

165.     The Government will soon introduce legislation to require non-road mobile machinery newly supplied for local use, including generators and excavators, to comply with statutory emission standards.



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