Policy Address

  1. exploring the development of a water sports centre at the rehabilitated Shek O Quarry site under public-private partnership to provide advanced training facilities for athletes and water sports enthusiasts;
  2. expediting the redevelopment or conversion of old industrial buildings in Wong Chuk Hang through the Government’s policy of revitalising industrial buildings, so as to provide more operating space for emerging industries and the arts and culture sector;
  3. exploring room for redevelopment or consolidation of the existing “Government, Institution or Community” sites or facilities in the district so as to promote “single site, multiple use”; and
  4. taking the opportunities brought by the large-scale topside development project at the Wong Chuk Hang Station, which will commence population intake two years later, to beautify public space and cityscape through “place making”; as well as enhancing pedestrian connectivity of the Wong Chuk Hang Business Area and the waterfront area nearby while improving the pedestrian environment along Shum Wan Road and Po Chong Wan through minor works.

By drawing on the successful experience gained from the Energizing Kowloon East initiative, we will set up a multi-disciplinary professional team under the DEVB to interact and collaborate with stakeholders, as well as co-ordinate and implement the various projects under the Invigorating Island South initiative.