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I. Foreword: Striving Ahead 1–3
II. Full Support of the Central Government 4–8
III. Upholding “One Country, Two Systems” 9-29
Staying True to Our Original Aspiration 9-10
Improving the Implementation of “One Country, Two Systems” 11-20
The Chief Executive’s Mission 11-13
Hong Kong National Security Law 14-17
National Flag, National Emblem and National Anthem 18
Oath-taking by Public Officers 19-20
Safeguarding the Rule of Law 21-24
Electoral Arrangements 25
Public Finance 26
Public Sector Reform 27-29
IV. Navigating through the Epidemic 30-35
Staying Vigilant in the Prolonged Fight against the Epidemic 30
Together, We Fight the Virus 31
Support of the Central Government 32
Adopting a Multi-pronged Approach 33-34
Sparing No Effort in Achieving “Zero Infection” 35
V. New Impetus to the Economy 36-82
Economic Outlook 36
Development Strategy 37
The Mainland as Our Hinterland 38–40
Consolidating Hong Kong’s Status as an International Financial Centre 41-46
Maintaining Financial Stability and Striving for Development 41-42
Deepening Mutual Access between the Mainland and Hong Kong Financial Markets 43
Promoting Real Estate Investment Trusts in Hong Kong 44
Further Promoting the Development of Private Equity Funds 45
Family Office Business 46
Consolidating Hong Kong’s Status as an International Aviation Hub 47-49
Three-Runway System Development 47
Hong Kong-Zhuhai Airport Co-operation 48
Airport City 49
Developing Hong Kong into an International Innovation and Technology Hub 50-56
Current Position of Innovation and Technology 50-51
Smart City Blueprint for Hong Kong 52-53
Shenzhen/Hong Kong Innovation and Technology Co-operation Zone 54
Global STEM Professorship Scheme 55
Young Technology Talents 56
Investing in Infrastructure and Reinventing Construction 57-59
Market Development and Economic Recovery 60-63
Mainland Domestic Market 60
Belt and Road Initiative 61-62
Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement 63
Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area 64
Supporting the Tourism Industry 65-66
Convention and Exhibition Industry 67
Support for Small and Medium Enterprises 68-69
Network Development and Wider Application of 5G 72-73
Creative Industries 74-76
Art Tech 77-78
Legal Services 79
Agricultural and Fisheries Industries 80
Rebuilding Local and Overseas Confidence 81-82
VI. Increasing Housing and Land 83-106
Housing Supply 83-84
Housing Policy and Principles 83-84
Long Term Housing Strategy 85
Increasing Supply of Subsidised Housing 86-88
Home Ownership Scheme and Green Form Subsidised Home Ownership Scheme 86
Sale of Recovered Tenants Purchase Scheme Flats 87
Starter Homes Project of the Urban Renewal Authority 88
Redevelopment of Shek Lei Interim Housing 89
Redevelopment of HKHA Factory Estates 90
Redevelopment of Tai Hang Sai Estate 91
Transitional Housing 92-93
Cash Allowance Trial Scheme 94
Study on Tenancy Control of Subdivided Units 95
The Crux of the Housing Problem 96
Land Supply 97-104
Land Creation Bearing Fruit 97-98
MTRCL’s Siu Ho Wan Depot Site 99
Redevelopment of Urban Squatter Areas 100
Unleash the Development Potential of Private Land 101
Development of Tuen Mun West 102
Lantau Tomorrow Vision 103-104
Rationalising and Streamlining Approval Process and Strengthening Co-ordination 105-106
VII. Building a Liveable City 107-129
Development and Conservation 107
Urban Development 108
Invigorating Island South 109-111
Expediting the Revitalisation of Old Industrial Districts 112
Urban Renewal 113
Traffic and Transport 114-117
Enhancing Local Transport Infrastructure 114-115
Developing Green Transport 116
Upgrading Taxi Service 117
Smart Mobility 118-119
Application of Technology 118
Walk in HK 119
Quality Harbourfront and Public Space 120-121
Harbourfront Promenade 120
Improving the Cycle Track Network 121
Culture and Sports 122-123
New Cultural Landmarks 122
Kai Tak Sports Park 123
Environment and Conservation 124-129
Environmental Protection Blueprint 124
Striving towards Carbon Neutrality 125-127
Waste Management 128-129
VIII. Continuously Improving People’s Livelihood 130-147
Increased Expenditure on Welfare and Healthcare 130
Implementing Measures to Further Improve People’s Livelihood 131
Additional Gross Floor Area for Welfare Purposes in Public Housing 132
Stepping Up Efforts to Combat Unemployment 133-138
Labour Situation 133
Creating Employment 134-135
Love Upgrading Special Scheme for Retraining 136
Matching of Manpower Resources 137
Enhancing Social Welfare Safety Net 138
Alleviating the Burden of Transport Expenses 139
Regularisation of the Short-term Food Assistance Service Projects 140
Supporting Persons with Disabilities and Their Carers 141
Medical and Health 142-145
District Health Centres 142
Enhancing the Elderly Dental Assistance Programme 143
Mental Health 144
Drug Subsidies and Support for Patients with Uncommon Disorders 145
Strengthening Support for Ethnic Minorities 146-147
IX. Nurturing Talents and Youth Development 148-164
Nurturing Talents 148
Vision for Education 148
Quality Education 149-157
Moral and National Education 152
Liberal Studies 153-154
Promoting Applied Learning 155
e-Learning 156
Quality of Teachers 157
Supporting Students with Special Education Needs 158
Supporting the Provision of New Teaching Facilities and Student Hostel for the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts 159
Attracting Talents 160
Youth Development 161-164
Greater Bay Area Youth Employment Scheme 162
Youth Entrepreneurship 163
Member Self-recommendation Scheme for Youth 164
X. Closing Remarks: Renewed Perseverance 165-167


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