Policy Address

Traffic and Transport

Enhancing Local Transport Infrastructure

114. The Government strives to push forward the implementation of transport infrastructure projects and provide reliable and affordable transport services to the public. We are implementing a number of new railway projects in a proactive manner: the MTRCL is embarking on the detailed planning and design of the Tung Chung Line Extension and Tuen Mun South Extension, while the Government will press ahead with the Northern Link with a view to commencing the detailed planning and design work shortly. The MTRCL will also submit the South Island Line (West) project proposal to the Government by the end of this year to tie in with the redevelopment of Wah Fu Estate and the Invigorating Island South initiative, after which relevant departments will study the proposal and implement the project in due course.

115. In addition, the Government will carry out a comprehensive traffic and transport strategy study which includes surveying the latest travel patterns of the public, making reference to and introducing innovative transport modes and technologies as appropriate with a view to enhancing our public transport services to meet the demand of the public, as well as deploying different transport resources more effectively to support sustainable development and facilitate the flow of people and goods in the GBA. Concurrently, we will conduct the Strategic Studies on Railway and Major Roads beyond 2030 to explore the layout of railway and major road infrastructure and conduct preliminary engineering and technical assessments for their alignments and supporting facilities, so as to ensure that the planning of large-scale transport infrastructure will complement or even reserve capacity to meet the overall long-term land development needs of Hong Kong.