Policy Address

150. To enhance the quality of education, we have set up eight task forces at different times and invited professionals to conduct studies and consultations, and to present their reports to the Government. Seven task forces have completed their work and the EDB has joined hands with the related organisations to implement the task forces’ recommendations. The last task force on review of school curriculum submitted its report in September and the EDB will provide the Government’s response in due course. Besides, the 39 new initiatives announced since July 2017 have been completed or are progressing on schedule, and their progress has been set out in this year’s Policy Address Supplement.

151. Nevertheless, the social incidents last year led many to question again the effectiveness of Hong Kong’s education. It is indeed heartbreaking that, among the more than 10 000 arrestees suspected of violating the law in connection with the opposition to the proposed legislative amendments to the Fugitive Offenders Ordinance, 40% are students, of which nearly 2 000 are primary and secondary students. We cannot bear to see that with the infiltration of politics into school campuses, students are drawn into political turbulence or even misled to engage in illegal and violent acts, for which they have to take legal responsibilities that will impact on their lives. The social incidents also reveal that the law-abiding awareness of some young people is weak and that positive values such as mutual understanding and mutual respect are lacking. In the face of the complicated political environment in Hong Kong and the proliferation of misinformation in social media, it is the shared responsibility of the Government, society, education sector and parents to find a way to protect our students.