Policy Address

IV. Navigating through the Epidemic

Staying Vigilant in the Prolonged Fight against the Epidemic

30. The year 2020 has presented mankind with an unprecedented public health crisis. With the exception of China, the epidemic situation across the globe shows no sign of abating and is even worsening rapidly in some places. Governments around the world have to implement extremely stringent border control and social distancing measures. During almost one year of our fight against the epidemic, Hong Kong has remained vigilant and committed. Mobilising the whole community to fight the virus together, the Government has been maintaining a high degree of transparency in its anti-epidemic efforts and seeking the co-operation and support of the entire community.

Together, We Fight the Virus

31. During the multiple waves of the epidemic, the Hong Kong community has shown its unity and the spirit of mutual help in working towards a common goal. We have seen a large number of medical staff, serving and retired civil servants as well as members of the auxiliary services making concerted efforts to perform arduous tasks such as medical surveillance, contact tracing, virus testing, quarantine and treatment; government project teams as well as contractors and workers labouring day and night to set up more quarantine centres and community treatment facilities within the shortest time; professional teams travelling to and from the Mainland and overseas fearlessly to take Hong Kong people home; community organisations and volunteers distributing protective equipment to support the underprivileged; and technology personnel zealously exploring the application of research and development (R&D) outcomes in related prevention and control work. The HKSAR Government would like to extend its heartfelt gratitude to each and every one who has joined the fight against the epidemic.