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Market Development and Economic Recovery

Mainland Domestic Market

60. During my visit to Beijing, I conveyed to the Central Government officials the difficulties encountered by Hong Kong enterprises, which had set up factories in the Mainland for manufacturing goods for export, due to the sluggish US and European markets. The Central Government understood their difficulties and agreed to provide assistance to Hong Kong enterprises in tapping into the Mainland domestic market. For example, the HKTDC will launch a one-stop “GoGBA” platform in collaboration with the Guangdong Province and related chambers of commerce to provide multi-faceted support for Hong Kong enterprises, including market information on the GBA and related government policies, enquiry service and training, as well as business promotion, development and matching services. In addition, the HKTDC will help Hong Kong enterprises gain access to the large-scale e-commerce platforms in the Mainland through the provision of training and the operation of the “Online Design Gallery”, as well as promoting the awareness and image of Hong Kong products on these platforms. Besides, the HKTDC will also use its physical network in the Mainland to provide business support for Hong Kong enterprises in handling operational issues such as import declaration, logistics and settlement of payment.