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Network Development and Wider Application of 5G

72. The fifth generation mobile communications technology (5G) is not only an important infrastructure of the communications industry, but also a driver to upgrade and transform the overall economy. The 5G coverage of major mobile network operators is expected to reach 90% of the population this year. We plan to release more 5G spectrum in different frequency bands in 2021 to meet the needs of various 5G applications in terms of speed, capacity and coverage. In addition, we have been discussing with the two satellite operators the relocation of their telemetry, tracking and control stations in Tai Po to Chung Hom Kok Teleport. The relocation and installation of the relevant facilities are expected to be completed in four years. By then, various mobile network operators will be able to deploy the 5G frequency bands in a more holistic and efficient manner and improve their coverage.

73. To further promote the development of 5G application, we have extended the application period of the subsidy scheme concerned under the AEF for six months until May next year, and have worked with a number of public organisations to encourage the deployment of 5G technology in various sectors. We will also facilitate the early adoption of 5G technology and application in government departments and public organisations.