Policy Address

Redevelopment of Tai Hang Sai Estate

91. With the Government’s co-ordination and facilitation, we are pleased to learn that the Hong Kong Settlers Housing Corporation Limited and the URA have reached an intention of collaboration in taking forward the redevelopment plan of Tai Hang Sai Estate, with a view to making the best use of the development potential of the site and improving the estate facilities as early as possible. According to preliminary estimates of the two parties, the redevelopment plan can provide over 3 300 units upon completion, doubling the existing 1 600 flats.

Transitional Housing

92. The current-term Government is committed to promoting the development of transitional housing. By making better use of vacant land and premises, we aim to provide short-term accommodation for people with pressing housing needs. We are heartened to have the staunch support of property and land owners and NGOs which take part in the construction and operation of transitional housing. With the facilitation and co-ordination of the Task Force on Transitional Housing under the THB, encouraging progress has been made in this initiative over the past year. In overall terms, including the 3 400 units currently under in-depth deliberation, we have identified land for the provision of 13 200 units in total for the coming three years, falling short of the target of 15 000 units only by 12%, and our efforts will continue. The Government also proposes to inject an additional $3.3 billion into the relevant funding scheme, increasing the total government commitment to $8.3 billion. So far, over $2.2 billion has been approved under the scheme.

93. Meanwhile, many hotels and guesthouses are facing the crisis of closing down amid the COVID-19 pandemic. The Government will implement a pilot scheme to subsidise NGOs to rent suitable rooms in hotels and guesthouses with relatively low occupancy rates for use as transitional housing. The THB plans to seek funding from the Community Care Fund (CCF) to launch the pilot scheme shortly with a view to increasing the supply of transitional housing.