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Smart City

112. Rapid progress has been made since the launch of 5G services last year, with network coverage now topping 90%, and even up to 99% in core business districts. According to a report by an international market survey institution this year, Hong Kong ranks first and second in the world in terms of 5G coverage and stability respectively, bringing vast potential for various commercial services and smart city applications. The Government will promote 5G development on various fronts, including releasing more 5G spectrum for auctioning by the end of this month to satisfy the needs of various 5G services in terms of speed, capacity and coverage. Through the Subsidy Scheme for Encouraging Early Deployment of 5G, we will subsidise more sectors to boost efficiency and productivity by adopting innovative 5G applications such as telemedicine, distance maintenance support and real-time safety monitoring in construction sites.

113. Smart Mobility is another key initiative to promote smart city development. The Transport Department will progressively implement the Free-Flow Tolling System at government tolled tunnels and the Tsing Sha Control Area from the end of next year. The system will bring convenience to motorists and improve tunnel traffic. Of the seven automated parking system projects, those in Tsuen Wan and Tai Po will be commissioned this year and next year respectively. To promote autonomous vehicles, the THB will submit a bill to the next term of the LegCo on the establishment of a new regulatory framework for autonomous vehicles to enable wider and more flexible trial and use. In addition, the Smart Traffic Fund was launched in March this year to provide funding support to projects that enhance commuting convenience for motorists, increase transport efficiency and improve driving safety.