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I. Foreword: A New Era 1–4
II. Steadfastly and Successfully Implementing “One Country, Two Systems” 5–18
Staying True to Our Original Aspiration 5-6
Improving the Implementation of “One Country, Two Systems” 7-18
Upholding the HKSAR’s Constitutional Order 7
Safeguarding National Security 8
Fully Implementing the New Electoral System 9
Strengthening Education on the Constitution and the Basic Law 10-11
Showing Respect for the National Flag, National Emblem and National Anthem 12
Strengthening the Rule of Law 13-15
Strengthening Civil Service Training 16
Strengthening Executive-Legislature Relationship 17-18
III. New Paradigm for a New Future 19-37
Introduction 19
Planning for the Future 20
The Northern Metropolis 21-31
Planning Background 21
Spatial Layout 22-23
Twin Cities, Three Circles 24-25
Transport Infrastructure-led Development 26
Increasing Land Supply for I&T Uses 27
Developing Industries and Creating Job Opportunities 28
Building an Eco-environment 29
Increasing Land Supply for Housing 30
Strengthening the Implementation Mechanism 31
Enhancing the Effectiveness of Governance 32-37
Re-organising the Government Structure 32-33
Strengthening the Governing Team 34-35
Advocating Dedicated Positions with Specific Responsibilities 36
Enhancing Government’s Capability in Information Dissemination and Public Communication 37
IV. New Impetus to the Economy: Integration into the National Development 38-80
Leveraging Our Country and Engaging Ourselves Globally 38-40
Enhancing Hong Kong’s Status as an International Financial Centre 41-42
Enhancing Hong Kong’s Status as an International Transportation Centre 43-45
Enhancing Hong Kong’s Status as an International Trade Centre 46-51
Developing into a Centre for International Legal and Dispute Resolution Services in the Asia-Pacific Region 52-53
Developing into an International Innovation and Technology Hub 54-66
Land / Infrastructure for I&T 55-60
Industrial Estates 61
Promoting Research and Development 62-64
Technology Investments 65
Involvement in National Research and Development Work 66
Consolidating Hong Kong’s Status as an International Aviation Hub 67-69
Developing into an East-meets-West Centre for International Cultural Exchange 70-71
Developing into a Regional Intellectual Property Trading Centre 72-73
Continuous Investment in Infrastructure 74-75
Supporting Tourism 76
Supporting the Development of the Agriculture and Fisheries Industry 77
Safeguarding Hong Kong’s Business Environment 78
Strengthening Ties with the Mainland 79-80
V. Increasing Housing and Land Supply 81-94
Housing Supply 81-88
Guiding Principle 81
Public Housing Supply 82–83
Private Housing Supply 84
Redevelopment of Public Rental Housing Estates 85-86
Redevelopment of Tai Hang Sai Estate 87
Increasing the Supply of Transitional Housing 88
Land Supply 89-94
Government-led and Multi-pronged Approach 89-93
Streamlining Procedures while Moving with the Times 94
VI. Building a Liveable City 95-119
Vision for Our City 95
Striving towards Carbon Neutrality before 2050 96-102
Waste Reduction and Resources Recovery 103
Urban Renewal 104-105
Invigorating Island South 106-108
Harbourfront Enhancement 109-110
Cycle Tracks 111
Smart City 112-113
Sports Development 114-118
Elite Sports 114-116
Professionalisation of Sports and Development of the Sports Industry 117
Hosting the 15th National Games in 2025 118
New Cultural Landmark 119
VII. Continuously Improving People’s Livelihood 120-136
Increased Expenditure on Welfare 120
Poverty Issue 121-123
Elderly and Rehabilitation Services 124-125
Pro-child 126
Women Affairs 127
Strengthening Support for Ethnic Minorities 128
Labour Welfare 129
Public Healthcare System 130-131
Public Health Strategy 132
Healthcare Manpower 133-135
Chinese Medicine 136
VIII. Nurturing Talents and Youth Development 137-162
Quality Education 137-148
Vision for Education 137
Strengthening Government’s Role 138
Early Childhood Education 139
Family Education 140
Basic Education 141
Diversified Progression Pathway 142
Post-secondary Education 143-144
Special Education 145
Non-Chinese Speaking Students 146
National Education and Values Education 147-148
Attracting Talents 149-159
Building up a Talent Pool 149
Quality Migrant Admission Scheme 150
Talent List 151
Financial Services Talents 152
Legal Talents 153
Intellectual Property Talents 154
Research Talents 155-156
Aviation Talents 157
Arts and Culture Talents 158
Facilitating Flow of Talents within the GBA 159
Connecting with Young People 160-162
IX. Emerging from the Epidemic 163-164
X. Closing Remarks: United for a Future 165-168


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