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Policy Address

Developing into an East-meets-West Centre for International Cultural Exchange

70. The cultural industries in Hong Kong have been given a boost of confidence by the 14th Five-Year Plan for its clear support towards Hong Kong developing into an East-meets-West centre for international cultural exchange. The Government will seize upon Hong Kong’s unique creative atmosphere where Chinese and Western cultures meet to position Hong Kong as Asia’s city of culture and creativity. To realise our new cultural positioning, the HKSAR Government will work on five directions, namely (1) developing world-class cultural facilities and a pluralistic cultural environment; (2) strengthening our connections with overseas arts and culture organisations; (3) enhancing cultural exchange and co-operation with the Mainland; (4) leveraging technology; and (5) nurturing talents.

71. To enhance the steer of culture affairs in the HKSAR and strive for effective co-ordination and promotion of work related to cultural and creative industries currently undertaken by different policy bureaux, the LegCo and society generally support the setting up of a dedicated Culture Bureau. We will consider the proposal seriously in the context of re-organising the government structure mentioned earlier. The overseas Economic and Trade Offices (ETOs) and Mainland Offices will also play an important role in promoting the cultural industries of Hong Kong.

Developing into a Regional Intellectual Property Trading Centre

72. The 14th Five-Year Plan states for the first time the support for Hong Kong to develop into a regional intellectual property (IP) trading centre. The HKSAR Government will implement a series of initiatives to promote the development of IP trading in Hong Kong including further promoting and developing the “original grant patent” system by building up the substantive examination capability of the Intellectual Property Department (IPD), exploring with the Mainland authorities on broadening the scope of application of the Patent Co-operation Treaty to cover the “original grant patent” system, and extending other major international IP treaties to Hong Kong.

73. The HKSAR Government will also strengthen our IP regime, as well as stepping up promotion, education and external collaboration. For example, we plan to revive the Copyright Ordinance amendment exercise by consulting the public on the modernisation of the copyright regime in the light of the digital environment, with the target of introducing a bill to amend the Copyright Ordinance in the next term of the LegCo.