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Mobility with Convenience

113. We will continue to take forward smart mobility initiatives by applying advanced technologies in our traffic and transport systems. These include improving the Traffic Data Analytics System and exploring the feasibility of introducing smart motorways. We will complete a territory-wide Travel Characteristics Survey under the Traffic and Transport Strategy Study next year, and take forward various pilot schemes such as the trial of autonomous vehicles within 2024. Our target is to promulgate a Transport Strategy Blueprint in 2025, with a view to establishing a reliable, safe, smart, environmentally friendly and highly efficient transport system.

114. The Public Transport Fare Subsidy Scheme has been well received by the public. I hereby announce that the special temporary measures under the scheme will be further extended for another six months. From 1 November 2022 to 30 April 2023, the Government will continue to provide commuters with a subsidy amounting to one-third of their monthly public transport expenses in excess of $200, subject to a maximum of $500.