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International Aviation Hub

50. The Hong Kong International Airport is a globally pre-eminent international aviation hub. We are working with the Airport Authority Hong Kong (AAHK) to fully realise the "Airport City" vision. With the Third Runway commencing operation in July 2022, the Three Runway System is expected to be completed in 2024 and will substantially increase the overall capacity and competitiveness of the airport. The AAHK is also actively taking forward various projects and applying the intermodal transport mode to enhance connectivity between the airport and the GBA cities. For instance, the commissioning of the SkyPier Terminal next year will provide direct transfer facilities for passengers from the GBA to streamline immigration formalities.

51. The Hong Kong International Aviation Academy will work with aviation training institutions in the Mainland to send young people to the airports on each side for internship starting from the first half of 2023. About 300 places will be provided in the first year. The Academy will continue to partner with the National School of Civil Aviation of France to co-organise the Advanced Master Programme in Air Transport Management so as to attract prospective students from Belt and Road countries and consolidate Hong Kong's position as a regional aviation training centre. Moreover, we will develop Hong Kong into the preferred location for aircraft leasing in the region by further enhancing the aircraft leasing preferential tax regime.