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Policy Address

  1. enhance speed by adopting the MiC approach – We suggest that the HKHA require all public housing projects scheduled for completion in the first five-year period to adopt the Design for Manufacture and Assembly (DfMA) approach, with the adoption of the MiC approach in suitable projects. In the second five-year period, no less than 50% of the projects will adopt the MiC approach. HKHS will also adopt the MiC approach in more public housing projects;

  2. enhance public-private partnership – We will introduce a new Pilot Scheme on Private Developer Participation in Subsidised Housing Development. From the next financial year, three sites will be put up for tender in batches for developers to build subsidised sale flats which will be sold to eligible persons at a specified discount rate from the market price. Under the pilot scheme, developers are also encouraged to apply for rezoning of their own private land for subsidised sale flat development; and

  3. accelerate housing production by adopting the "Design and Build" model – We suggest that the HKHA require at least half of the flats scheduled for completion in the second five-year period to adopt the "Design and Build" contract model for construction to enhance speed, efficiency and quality.

65. To enhance quality, we will provide better public space, facilities and estate environment for public housing residents. The Secretary for Housing will chair an action group to develop "Well-Being" design guidelines for new public housing projects. We also suggest that the HKHA select five existing PRH estates as pilot projects for phased study and implementation of enhancement measures within five years, with a view to creating a living environment with a greater sense of well-being.