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Policy Address

VI. Work Together to Safeguarding Harmony and Stability

79. The Government will duly address the aspirations of our people for a better life and build a more harmonious and stable Hong Kong by providing more targeted public services, better supporting the elderly and helping the disadvantaged, as well as creating a better living environment. Hong Kong is our home. The Government will unite local communities and engage all sectors in society to build a better Hong Kong together.

A Healthy and Vibrant Hong Kong

80. Our present healthcare system relies more on treatment than prevention. Expenditure on public hospital services accounts for over 80%, while less than 20% is spent on primary healthcare. Not only are resources skewed heavily towards public hospitals, the pressure exerted on them is also huge. With an ageing population and increasing prevalence of chronic diseases, public hospitals are overburdened and the waiting time for specialist services has continued to lengthen. Coupled with the impact of the COVID-19 epidemic, the dire consequences of over-reliance on public hospitals over the years have become more evident. We need to change.

81. The Government will revamp the healthcare system. Our aim is to shift the emphasis of the healthcare system from its current treatment-oriented, hospital-based structure to a prevention-focused, community-based system, by investing additional resources to promote primary healthcare.