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Sports Development

89. To further promote sports in the community, we will work with the sports sector, schools and the business sector to promote urban sports that are popular among young people in recent years, such as 3-on-3 basketball, sport climbing and skateboarding. We will also review the competition events of the Hong Kong Games to provide more opportunities for participation of different age groups.

90. The Culture, Sports and Tourism Bureau will map out a 10-year development blueprint for sports and recreation facilities, providing about 30 diversified facilities by phases, such as sports centres, swimming pools, sports grounds and parks. The planned facilities include Hong Kong's second sports park to be developed in Whitehead, Ma On Shan, and large-scale sports and recreation facilities in the Northern Metropolis.

91. The Government will continue to enhance the professionalism in the sports sector and develop sports as an industry, including enhancing the arrangement of training and competition venues for qualified sports clubs and supporting local sports clubs in their participation in major sports competitions in the Mainland and the region. We will also launch a five-year pilot programme on career and education for athletes with disabilities to equip them for post-retirement development. In addition, we will enhance the Hong Kong "M" Mark System to support the hosting of at least 10 major international sports events in Hong Kong annually, with a view to further promoting Hong Kong as a centre for mega international sports events.

Leisure Facilities and Projects

92. We will develop more leisure facilities and projects, adding variety to the activities of citizens:

  1. Round-the-Island Trail – I have decided to develop a "Round-the-Island Trail" of about 60 kilometres on Hong Kong Island, connecting the waterfront promenades on the northern shore and a number of existing promenades and countryside walking trails in the Southern District. We will carry out studies and design as well as works from next year onward with the target of connecting 90% of the Trail within five years;

  2. Eco-tourism in Southern Part of Lantau – We are actively studying the development of about 1 000 hectares of the "Green Belt" sites in the southern part of Lantau for eco-tourism or recreation uses; and

  3. Weekend Bazaars – The Home Affairs Department will join hands with local groups to organise weekend bazaars at five regions in the territory in the fourth quarter of 2022, fostering diversified local economic activities. Drawing on the experience, the Food and Environmental Hygiene Department also plans to organise similar weekend bazaars next year.