Uphold the principle of "One Country, Two Systems" and safeguard national security

  • Legislate for Article 23 of the Basic Law and complete the exercise in 2024

  • Strive to enhance the cybersecurity of our critical infrastructure, including energy, telecommunications, transportation, and financial institutions, etc.

  • Promote patriotic education

    • Integrate patriotic education into our national education system

    • Establish the Chinese Culture Promotion Office

    • Set up two museums about our country and the war of resistance

    • Strengthen education for school children

Improve governance

  • Set 150 indicators for specified tasks, of which 73 are new

  • Fully implement the renewed district governance structure

  • Establish the Committee on the Financing of Major Development Projects and the Office for the Financing of Major Development Projects to advise on feasible investment and financing options

  • Explore with the Guangdong Provincial Government and other institutions on setting up a joint investment fund to invest in projects with social and economic benefits in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area (GBA)

  • Set up the Digital Policy Office to expedite digitalisation of government services and opening-up of more government data

  • Continue to strengthen the management of civil service with more focus on performance, and attract talented persons to join the Government

  • Scale up capability in coping with extreme weather, and adopt a pre-emptive and strategic approach

  • Formulate a "GBA Emergency Response and Rescue Operational Plan" with other GBA cities to strengthen the region's capability of co-ordinated emergency management

Reinforce our advantages and build a diversified economy

  • Reinforce our status as international financial centre – enhance stock market liquidity, expand offshore Renminbi business, deepen GBA collaboration and venture into green finance

  • Expand our global economic and trade networks and our reach to new markets; set up more consultant offices to attract businesses and investment

  • Publish the Action Plan on Modern Logistics Development to promote smart development, modernisation, green and sustainability, internationalisation and facilitation of logistics

  • Strengthen support to SMEs by providing flexible repayment arrangements, tapping into e-commerce, expediting digital transformation, and reinforcing export credit insurance

  • Accelerate growth of the innovation and technology (I&T) ecosystem

    • Set up the New Industrialisation Development Office to support development of strategic enterprises, facilitate upgrading and transformation of manufacturing sector and assist start-ups

    • Establish the Hong Kong Microelectronics Research and Development (R&D) Institute and commission the Microelectronics Centre to facilitate R&D of microelectronics and industry development

    • Expedite establishment of a supercomputing centre to foster development of artificial intelligence

    • Set up a $10 billion New Industrialisation Acceleration Scheme to provide matching fund for promoting downstreamdevelopment of new industrialisation

  • Develop cultural and creative industries

    • Establish the Cultural and Creative Industries Development Agency to promote the arts, culture and creative sectors as industries

    • Inject $4.3 billion to the Film Development Fund and the CreateSmart Initiative

    • Launch the Signature Performing Arts Programme Scheme to fund and nurture representative and large-scale major performing arts productions to be staged as long-run performances

    • Organise the Hong Kong Fashion Design Week as a flagship initiative to promote Hong Kong's fashion and textile design brands

  • Publish the Action Plan on Maritime and Port Development Strategy to develop Hong Kong into a leading international maritime centre, promote high value-added maritime services and facilitate GBA maritime collaboration

  • Northern Metropolis as the new engine for growth

    • Adopt an "industry-driven" approach

    • Integrate deeply with Shenzhen and other GBA cities

    • Leverage market forces to expedite the development

  • Formulate the Development Blueprint for Hong Kong's Tourism Industry 2.0, develop signature tourism products, and enhance development of cruise tourism economy

  • Promote new energy transport – develop bunkering of green maritime fuel and supply of sustainable aviation fuel, formulate strategy for hydrogen development, and promote green transformation of public land transport

Trawl for enterprises, attract and retain talents

  • Develop a "Headquarters Economy" to attract enterprises from outside Hong Kongto set up headquarters and/or corporate divisions in Hong Kong; attract companies to re-domicile to Hong Kong

  • Expatriates, including foreign staff of companies in Hong Kong, can travel to the Mainland on "multiple-entry visas", with priority visa processing; entries of Vietnamese, Laotian and Nepalese talents are relaxed

  • Establish the physical office of Hong Kong Talent Engage, expand the coverage of universities under the Top Talent Pass Scheme, and implement the Capital Investment Entrant Scheme

  • Establish the Hong Kong International Legal Talents Training Academy and the Hong Kong International Academy Against Corruption, developing Hong Kong into a talent nurturing base

Build a liveable and vibrant city

  • Generate more land and housing at a quicker pace and more efficiently, speed up urban renewal and unleash development potential

  • Build about 410 000 public housing units in the next decade, far exceeding the demand

  • Establish the Task Force on Tackling the Issue of Subdivided Units (SDUs) to examine the issues and advise on way forward

  • Review the policies and legislation to enhance building safety and management

  • Enhance energy conservation and decarbonisation of buildings, and expand scope for resources recovery and recycling

  • Publish the Hong Kong Major Transport Infrastructure Development Blueprint, enhancing the Three Railways and Three Major Roads proposals and pursuing new projects of two railways and one major road

  • Construct new smart and green mass transit in East Kowloon, Kai Tak and Hung Shui Kiu/Ha Tsuen

  • Commission the Kai Tak Sports Park, increase resources to upgrade the Hong Kong Sports Institute, enhance professional training and internship opportunities for coaches, and promote wider public participation in sports

  • Launch the "Shining City Project" to enhance the beautification work of our city

Promote fertility and create a pro-childbearing environment

  • Provide a cash bonus of $20,000 for each newborn

  • Raise the accommodation-related tax deduction ceiling for families with newborns to $120,000

  • Introduce the Families with Newborns Flat Selection Priority Scheme – families with newborns will have higher balloting chances and priority flat selection in buying subsidised sale flats

  • Introduce the Families with Newborns Allocation Priority Scheme – families with newborns will be allocated public rental housing flats one year earlier

  • Support assisted reproductive services – enhance service quota in the public healthcare sector, and offer tax deduction for expenses on assisted reproductive services

  • Increase the Working Family Allowance; increase child care centre places and allowance; extend the After School Care Programme for Pre-primary Children to cover all districts; and strengthen home-based child care service

Care for the elderly
Foster an inclusive community

  • Extend the Residential Care Services Scheme in Guangdong to residential care homes for the elderly operated by Mainland organisations and expand the Residential Care Service Voucher Scheme, providing more options to the elderly

  • Inject an additional $1 billion into the Innovation and Technology Fund for Application in Elderly and Rehabilitation Care to subsidise eligible units to procure, rent and trial technology products, improving quality of life of elderly persons and persons with disabilities

  • Establish an Advisory Panel on Silver Economy to capture the business potential of the silver economy to provide better products and services to the elderly

  • Strengthen the services of residential care homes for persons with disabilities and day training services, and provide subsidy to employed disabled CSSA recipients to encourage their employment

  • Mobilise Care Teams to help, through visits or contacts, identify carers in need and refer them to support services; expand the network of day respite services for elderly persons and persons with disabilities

  • Establish two new support service centres for ethnic minorities; set up Ethnic Minorities Care Teams

  • Set up a dedicated fund of $500 million to support staff training, system enhancement and multi-disciplinary collaboration by welfare services organisations

  • Adopt a targeted poverty alleviation strategy, and strengthen support for households residing in SDUs, single-parent households and elderly households as priority target groups

  • Promote re-employment; increase retraining allowance; review the roles and functions of the Employees Retraining Board; and amend the "continuous contract" requirement to enhance labour protection

Build an international hub for post-secondary education
Promote diversified youth development

  • Double the admission quota of non-local students by Government-funded post-secondary institutions to 40%, and strengthen scholarship and related support to attract more overseas and Mainland students to further education in Hong Kong

  • Develop the Northern Metropolis University Town, and encourage post-secondary institutions to strengthen co-operation with renowned Mainland and overseas institutions

  • Facilitate establishment of universities of applied sciences to upgrade vocational and professional education and training to university level, providing an alternative path to success for young people aspiring to pursue a career in technical professions

  • Establish the Hong Kong Institute of Information Technology to nurture local talents in the information technology sector

  • Take forward mutual recognition of sub-degree level qualifications with the Mainland

  • Promote STEAM education in secondary and primary schools

  • Organise the Youth Development Summit to promote youth development in Hong Kong

  • Establish the Alliance of Hong Kong Youth Innovation and Entrepreneurial Bases in the GBA as a one-stop information, publicity and exchange platform

Healthy Hong Kong

  • Set up a preparatory office for the Hong Kong Centre for Medical Products Regulation, moving towards the adoption of the "primary evaluation" approach in registration approval of new drugs and medical devices, with a view to accelerating launching of new drugs and promoting industry development

  • Establish the GBA International Clinical Trial Institute in the Hetao Co-operation Zone to provide a one-stop clinical trial support platform for medical research institutions to expedite R&D of new drugs

  • Roll out the eHealth+ to deposit personalised digital health records and allow users to check and carry electronic health records and appointments on mobile phones anytime

  • Reduce waiting time of stable new cases in Ear, Nose and Throat, and Orthopaedics and Traumatology by 10% in 2024-25

  • Optimise the Psychiatry Case Management Programme of the Hospital Authority; launch a pilot scheme in district health centres to offer mental health assessment; and provide mental health support training for social workers and Care Team members

  • Update the registration regimes to provide new pathways for admitting qualified non-locally trained dentists and nurses to alleviate the shortage

  • Promote the development of Chinese medicine (CM), develop a digitalised CM drug information platform, and formulate a Chinese Medicine Development Blueprint

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