Policy Address

Safeguard National Security

21. The Government will continue to safeguard national security and improve its relevant legal system and enforcement mechanisms.

Legislate for Article 23 of the Basic Law

22. Article 23 of the Basic Law stipulates that the HKSAR shall enact laws on its own to prohibit acts and activities that endanger national security. Article 7 of the National Security Law stipulates that the HKSAR Government shall complete, as early as possible, legislation for safeguarding national security as stipulated in the Basic Law and shall refine relevant laws. The Government is pressing ahead to draw up effective legislative options and will complete the legislative exercise in 2024 to fulfil our constitutional duty.

Legislate for Cybersecurity of Critical Infrastructure

23. To address the increasing risks of cyber-attacks globally, the Government is working to enhance the cybersecurity of our critical infrastructure, including energy, telecommunications, transportation, financial institutions, etc. We will introduce a bill into the Legislative Council (LegCo) for this purpose in 2024.