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Policy Address

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I. Introduction 1-8
II. Economy 9-41
  The National 13th Five-Year Plan 10-15
  Financial Services 16-20
  Professional Services 21-24
  Convention and Exhibition and Tourism 25-29
  Creative Industries 30-34
  Transportation and Logistics Industries 35-37
  Trade and Investment Environment 38-39
  Improving Economic and Trade Office Network 40-41
III. Belt and Road Initiative 42-53
  Platform for Professional Services 47-48
  Relaxing Visa Requirements to Facilitate Movement 49
  People-to-people Bonds 50-53
IV. Innovation and Technology 54-75
  Promoting the Development of Applied Scientific Research 57-59
  Helping Start-ups 60-63
  Promoting the Development of Industries and Re-industrialisation 64-68
  Smart City 69-75
V. Housing and Land Use 76–131
  Housing 76–79
    Housing Demand 76–78
    Land Supply 79
  Short to Medium-term Programmes 80–91
    Government Land Sales, Railway Property Development and Private Housing Land Supply 80–82
    Reviewing Land Use and Increasing Development Intensity 83–85
    Kai Tak Development Area and Other Urban Development Projects 86–88
    Urban Renewal 89
    Commercial and Economic Land Uses 90–91
  Medium to Long-term Programmes 92–103
    New Development Areas and Extension of New Towns 93–96
    Tseung Kwan O Area 137 97
    Siu Ho Wan Depot Site and Property Developments along Rail Lines 98
    Development of Rock Caverns and Underground Space 99
    Reclamation outside Victoria Harbour 100
    Development of Lantau 101–103
  Long-term Planning — “Hong Kong 2030+” 104–106
  Land Use — Development and Conservation 107–117
  Promoting Green Buildings 118
  Heritage Conservation 119
  Land Restructuring and Enforcement 120–126
    Agricultural Land 120
    Brownfield Sites 121–123
    Enforcement against the Misuse of Industrial Buildings 124–126
  Harbourfront Enhancement and Development 127
  Construction Industry 128–131
    Public Works Projects 128–129
    Technology Application and Innovation 130–131
VI. Environmental Protection and Nature Conservation 132–145
  Climate Change and Energy 132–135
  Nature Conservation 136–137
  Air Quality 138
  Water Quality of Victoria Harbour 139
  Marine Cleanliness 140
  Waste Management 141–145
VII. Transport 146–163
  Roads and Bridges 146–149
  Strategic Studies beyond 2030 150
  Rail Links 151–153
  Other Public Transport Services 154–158
    Public Transport Strategy Study 154
    Trial Scheme for Low-floor Light Buses 155
    Tram 156
    Ferry Services for Outlying Islands 157
    Improving Ancillary Facilities for Public Transport 158
  Fostering a Pedestrian and Bicycle-friendly Environment 159–162
  Alleviating Road Traffic Congestion 163
VIII. Poverty Alleviation, Elderly Care and Support for the Disadvantaged 164–184
  Progress and Vision 164–172
  Elderly Services 173–177
  Support for the Disadvantaged 178–184
    Persons with Disabilities 178–179
    Children with Special Needs 180–182
    Family Services 183–184
IX. Retirement Protection and Population Policy 185–203
  Retirement Protection 185–199
    Reinforcing the Multi-pillar System 186–187
    Enhancing the Mandatory Provident Fund System 188–192
    Optimising the Multi-tiered Social Security Pillar 193–194
    Improving Healthcare for the Elderly 195–196
    Supporting the Elderly in Investment Management 197
    The Way Forward 198–199
  Labour 200–202
  Population Policy 203
X. Education and Youth Development 204–217
  Kindergarten Education 204–205
  Primary and Secondary Education 206–212
  Post-secondary Education 213–215
  Vocational and Professional Education 216
  Youth Development 217
XI. Sports and Culture 218–230
  Sports Development 218–225
  Culture and Arts 226–230
XII. Healthcare 231–254
  Healthcare System 231
  Healthcare Manpower Planning and Professional Development 232–233
  Improving the Operation of the Medical Council of Hong Kong 234
  Development of Public and Private Hospitals 235
  Regulation of Private Healthcare Institutions 236
  Voluntary Health Insurance Scheme 237
  Electronic Health Record Sharing 238
  People-oriented Healthcare Services 239
  Promoting a Healthy Lifestyle 240–241
  Disease Prevention 242–243
  Mental Health 244
  Development of Chinese Medical Professionals and Chinese Medicines 245–252
  Food Safety 253
  Safety of Drinking Water 254
XIII. Municipal Services, District Administration and Governance 255–272
  Municipal Services 255–257
    Public Markets 255
    Environmental Hygiene 256
    Funeral Services 257
  District Administration 258–260
    District Councils 258–259
    Building Management 260
  Law and Order 261–262
    Non-refoulement Claims 261
    Strengthening the Legislation on Anti-terrorism and Emergency Response Measures 262
  Governance 263–272
    Twentieth Anniversary of Return to the Motherland 263
    Successful Implementation of the Basic Law 264–267
    Rule of Law and Judicial Independence 268
    Maintaining a Clean Society 269
    Enhancing the Voter Registration System 270
    The Civil Service 271–272
XIV. Conclusion 273–279
List of Maps, Charts and Tables  
Table 1   List of Reports Published by the FSDC 16
Map 1   Major Technology and Industrial Sites in North East New Territories 54
Chart 1   Projected Total Public Housing Production 77
Map 2   Kai Tak Development and Kai Tak Fantasy 87
Map 3   New Development Areas and New Town Extension 93–96
Map 4   Rock Cavern Development and Underground Space Development and Reclamation Outside Victoria Harbour 99–100
Map 5   Some Existing and Upcoming Sites for Conservation 116
Chart 2   Roadside Air Quality 138
Map 6   Major Infrastructure Projects under Construction and Planning 146–149
Map 7   Railway Projects under Construction and Planning 152
Chart 3   Distribution of Average Daily Public Transport Passenger Journeys by Mode 154
Chart 4   Number of CSSA Unemployment Cases 170
Map 8   Five-Year Plan for Sports and Recreation Facilities 219
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