The Policy Address 2000

Culture and Sports

78. In the overall development of our society we need to improve the quality of life, with a greater emphasis on culture, better social cohesion and more shared values. We also need to foster the development of arts and literature, encourage diversity of thought, and promote the pursuit of studies in various academic fields. And I am pleased to see that the Culture and Heritage Commission and the newly established Leisure and Cultural Services Department have embarked on their task. They are working with vision to instil a passion for learning and intellectual pursuits, arouse greater civic consciousness, environmental awareness, and concern for professional ethics and conduct.

79. Hong Kong's history is intertwined with that of China which is a vast treasurehouse of culture, traditions and customs. Our young students have much to learn about the history of our country. They should find out more about our great cultural heritage, but at the same time they need to develop a global outlook. We can make the best of our own creativity and enrich our culture in the new era by building on the foundation of an integration of the best of Chinese and foreign cultures.

80. However, it takes more than just culture to build a spiritually healthy society. Sports activities, which underline the principles of fair play and team spirit, are equally important. We will work closely with District Councils, local sports organisations and schools to encourage participation in sports. We will also strengthen our co-operation with the Sports Federation and Olympic Committee, the Sports Development Board and various sports associations in Hong Kong to raise professional standards. And we are co-ordinating closely with the sports sector in our bid to host the 2006 Asian Games. Hosting the games would be a great impetus to the development of a strong sporting culture in Hong Kong. We know we can make the Games a great success.

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