Policy Address

Building on our Strengths
Investing in our Future

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Contents Paragraph


B. Preparing for Economic Restructuring 8
. Difficulties will Persist 9-14
  Hong Kong's Advantages 15
  Unique Position 16-17
  Favourable Business Environment 18-19
  Pool of Talents and Enterprises 20-21
  Positioning and the Way Forward 22-23
  Upgrading Businesses and Industries to Accelerate Growth 24-25
  Complementing Our Strengths with Those of the Mainland 26-28
  The Government's Role in Economic Restructuring 29-32
I. Investing in Education 33-36
  Upgrading the Quality of Teachers 37-40
  Increase School Places 41-42
  Whole-day Primary Schooling 43
  School Improvement Works 44-45
  Promoting Bi-literacy and Tri-lingualism 46-48
  Nurturing Talented Students 49-50
  Reforming the Academic Structure of Our Universities 51-53
  Promoting Continuing Education 54
  Summing Up 55-56
II. Upgrading Our Hard and Soft Infrastructure 57
  Hard Infrastructure 58-63
  Business Environment 64-68
  Supporting Small and Medium Enterprises 69-71
  Construction of New Exhibition Centre 72
  Promoting Hong Kong as a Logistics Centre 73-74
  Supporting the Development of Professional Services 75-78
  Attracting More Mainland Visitors 79-81
  Facilitating Foreign and Mainland Enterprises 82-83
  Attracting Talents and Investment from Outside Hong Kong 84-86
  Support from the Central Government 87
III. Quality Living Environment 88
  More Emphasis on Environmental Protection 89-92
  Urban Redevelopment 93
  Culture and Sports 94
IV. Relief Measures 95
  Creating over 30 000 Jobs 96-102
  Reducing Rates Payments 103
  Relief for Mortgage Holders 104
  The Path is Rough but Our Direction is Clear 105
C. Social Policies in a Changing Economic Climate 106
  Firm Commitments 107-108
  Enhancing Value for Money and Improving Services 109
  Supporting the Family 110
  Concern for Our Young People 111-113
  Safeguarding the Rights of Women 114
  Care and Respect for the Elderly 115-119
  Helping and Caring for One Another 120-125
  Community Investment and Inclusion Fund 126-128
  Serving the People 129
D. Improving the Quality of Administration 130
  Enhancing the Accountability System 131-140
  Enhancing Service Culture 141-144
  Curbing Expenditure and Enhancing Productivity 145-147
  Upholding the Rule of Law and Public Safety 148-149
  Constitutional Development 150
E. Conclusion 151-158
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