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A Proper and Serious Constitutional Review

75. We understand the concern of the community over our future constitutional development and the importance of constitutional review. On the basis of maintaining 'One Country, Two Systems' and adhering to the Basic Law, the Government will actively promote constitutional development in Hong Kong.

76. As the methods for selecting the Chief Executive and for forming the Legislative Council after 2007 are important components of Hong Kong's political structure, and would affect the implementation of the Basic Law, the relationship between the CPG and the Government, the interests of various strata and sectors of the community, and the long-term prosperity and stability of Hong Kong, the Government has always attached great importance to the matter, and has consistently taken the position and stance that we will strictly follow the Basic Law in handling the matter.

77. When I was on my duty visit in Beijing recently, President Hu pointed out to me the serious concern and principled stance of the CPG towards the development of Hong Kong's political structure. Thereafter, some Mainland legal experts and certain individuals in Hong Kong have also expressed their views on the matter. We definitely need to understand the full implications of these important issues, before making appropriate arrangements for the review of constitutional development.

78. I have decided to establish a Task Force, headed by the Chief Secretary for Administration, Mr Donald Tsang, with members including the Secretary for Justice, Ms Elsie Leung, and the Secretary for Constitutional Affairs, Mr Stephen Lam, to seriously examine these issues, particularly those concerning the understanding of the relevant provisions of the Basic Law, and to consult relevant authorities of the CPG. The Government will encourage all sectors of the community in Hong Kong to continue considering and exploring these issues rationally, as well as expressing their views, so that relevant arrangements may be made as early as possible.

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