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Policy Address

Ageing in Place

100.       In addition, the Government will continue to devote resources to supporting those elderly people who live at home. In the next two years, we will provide additional subsidised day care places in districts with a stronger service demand, and extend the District-based Scheme on Carer Training to give greater support to carers of the elderly at district and neighbourhood levels. We will also examine ways to improve the existing home care services and encourage more organisations to provide such services through the operation of social enterprises.

Active Ageing

101.       Apart from strengthening elderly care services, we have all along endeavoured to promote the physical and mental well-being of the elderly. The Government has already allocated funds to establish the Elder Academy Development Foundation to develop the curriculum and learning structure of elder academies. We will also provide a one-stop information service through a new and dedicated Internet portal for the elderly, which will enable them to pursue continuous learning, enlarge their social circles and lead a fruitful life.




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