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Testing and Certification Services

34.        In September this year, the Government established the Hong Kong Council for Testing and Certification, which comprises members from the testing and certification industry, business sector, professional bodies and relevant public organisations. The first and foremost task of the Council is to draw up a three-year development plan for the industry. One of the major objectives of the plan is to promote the development of Chinese medicine and help establish Hong Kong as a testing and certification centre in the region by introducing new certification services. In fact, our testing and certification industry is highly acclaimed by users for its professionalism, integrity and credibility of test results.

35.        The Hong Kong Council for Testing and Certification held its first meeting in late September and has drawn up its work plan. The Council will examine a number of important issues, including how to align the work of the Hong Kong Accreditation Service under the Innovation and Technology Commission with the development needs of the industry. The Council will also consider measures to enhance professional standards, to increase training opportunities, and to promote our testing and certification services in Hong Kong, the Mainland and overseas. In drawing up the development plan for the industry, the Council will take into full account the views of the industry and relevant stakeholders. I look forward to receiving the Council’s recommendations early next year.




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