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Policy Address

Environmental Industries

Cleaner Production Partnership Programme

36.        The Government allocated $93 million last year to jointly launch the five-year Cleaner Production Partnership Programme with Guangdong. Under the programme, the Hong Kong Productivity Council provides professional services in conjunction with over 100 environmental technology service providers in the PRD region to help factories there adopt cleaner production technologies. The programme also facilitates the exchange of information on environmental technology and the promotion of environmental technology and services, creating business opportunities for our service providers. Responses from the trades have been positive. Since the launch of the programme in April last year, the programme has approved over 330 projects up to end-September this year.

37.        To complement Guangdong's policy on the development of industrial parks and to provide technical support for our manufacturers relocating to the parks, the Government will extend the scope of the Cleaner Production Partnership Programme to assist Hong Kong enterprises in treating and reducing effluent discharge. This will improve the environment of the region and increase the competitiveness of the enterprises.




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